Man of Steel
April 2014


On the cover: Alen Thong, a founding father of the Emirates Culinary Guild. In this issue: Mads Houlberg, managing director, Unilever Food Solution – MEPS; Chef Anil Kumar, culinary director at Food Wise, UFS sustainability; Chef Amro Al Yassin Emirati recipe; Raman Khanna, COO at Qatar-based Global Hospitality & Restaurant Development Company; Chef Achala Weerasinghe; Madinat Jumeirah at the Nestle Professional Golden Chef’s Hat Competition; Aquin George, Editor Note; Bikram Vohra column. Gulf Gourmet is the leading magazine for professional chefs in the Middle East. It is also the official magazine of the Emirates Culinary Guild and recognised by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)

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